You can repair your vehicle by choosing one of the following options:


A) In a Selected Car Repair Shop 


By using the Selected Car Repair Shop Network you benefit from significant benefits.


See here the Selected Car Repair Shop Network.

To repair crystal breakage damage you can contact the following partners:




The Selected Car Repair Shop Network provide high quality services and guaranteed repair work.


The benefits of using the Selected Car Repair Shop Network

  • Directly cover the repair costs of your car, with payment of the amount to the repair shop by AXA, which means that you do not disburse money, except for the amount of exemption, where provided by your insurance policy.
  • Replacement car, by agreement and subject to availability.
  • Ability to pick up and deliver your car from your place, to the majority of repair shops.
  • Repair speed

In addition:


  • Certified work with a repair guarantee of at least 1 year.
  • Use of new spare parts for cars up to 5 years, without age deduction.
  • Technical inspection of the car of at least 15 points.
  • Indoor and outdoor car cleaning.

Who can make use of the Contracted Workshops network


You can repair your car in a Contracted Partnership if:


  • You are insured in AXA and your car has been damaged by a collision without your fault and is part of the Friendly Arrangement System.
  • You are insured in AXA and you have obtained the appropriate car insurance program for damage from: Partial theft, Natural phenomena (flood, hail, snow, storm, storm), Fire, Malicious acts, Terrorist acts - Political Riots, Own damage (premium).
  • Also, the use of network can be made by a third party (not insured by AXA) who AXA has an obligation to compensate and is not part of the Friendly Arrangement System.


B) In a Non-Contracted repair shop


In order to assess the damage evaluation more quickly you will need to send us the necessary documents (repair invoices, etc.) by fax at 210 7268821 or by email at