AXA is the 1st global insurance brand


For the 6th consecutive year

  • AXA is the 1st insurance brand worldwide for the 6th consecutive year, with a brand value growth of 14%
  • AXA is ranked the Best Green Brand in the insurance industry worldwide


AXA brand’s strength and leading position within the industry have been confirmed today by Interbrand1.

Overall, AXA is the 53rd best global brand and the 5th best French brand across all industries, with a brand value that has gone up by 14% and is valued at USD 8.120 billion.

Some key achievements in 2014 such as expansion in new territories, investment in tech labs and start-ups, partnerships with leading tech companies and universities but also various CSR initiatives have been particularly highlighted by Interbrand to reflect AXA’s leadership in the industry and its brand strengths.

According to Interbrand, “AXA is adapting intelligently to a changing world” to “strengthen its connection with customers in both the enterprise and consumer spaces”.

 Moreover, Interbrand has assessed AXA as the Best Green Brand2 in the insurance industry worldwide, particularly underscoring its role in addressing climate change through improving the understanding of environmental risks as well as the reduction of AXA's environmental footprint.

  “We are all very proud to be the leading insurance brand for the 6th year in a row, one of the world's 100 best brands across all industries. “AXA” is a strategic asset to attract and retain customers, partners and talents worldwide. The strength of our brand is instrumental to our expansion in higher growth markets and a competitive advantage in the digitization of our business”, said Véronique Weill, Chief Operating Officer of the AXA Group.

 “Everywhere in the world, it is a daily challenge to ensure we are up to the commitments of our brand - protecting our clients, providing expertise in insurance and asset management, constantly improving our service, being a strong, reliable partner through crises, showing the highest ethical standards, committing to have a positive impact on societies through risk education and prevention.

“Over the last 12 months, we have continued to invest in our brand and its consistency - the rebranding of our US business under the AXA name was a major milestone in the history of the Group. We have also improved the customers' experience leveraging mobile devices, providing innovative services such as AXA Drive or MonAXA. I would like to warmly thank all of our employees and distributors worldwide - the first ambassadors of the AXA brand - for their strong engagement in servicing our clients, daily”, added Véronique Weill.



 1 See: The Best Global Brands ranking calculates the value of a brand based on three criteria: its financial performance, the strength of its brand and the role of the brand in the purchase of products and services. See more:

2 The Best Global Green Brands ranking gathers the 50 best performers in the arena of sustainability and how their environmentally conscious efforts are perceived by the public.