MyAXA Check-In

For your admission to a hospital, in case of scheduled hospitalization:

At least 3 working days before your scheduled hospitalization, fill out the "MyAXA Check-Inform and as well as with the opinion of your doctor, send them by email: or by fax: +30 210 94 28 650.

In case you need more information, you can call the Health Line (801 111 222 333 / 210 72 68 000).

With MyAXA Check-In: 

  • You know at least one working day before your scheduled admission to the hospital whether you are entitled to coverage or not.
  • We inform the contracted hospital directly of your coverage.
  • Once you have received the cover certificate, you simply inform the hospital's traffic office that you have already received a certificate of coverage from us.


Health Insurance Benefits

Health Benefits are offered to customers who hold AXA hospital programs, at no extra cost: See here the Health Benefits per provider

Use of Health Privileges

- For the use of health benefits and benefits, contact your respective partner provider.

- When you come to the hospital, clinic or diagnostic center, you must present your ID card or health booklet and declare that you are insured with AXA

Doctor visits, whether scheduled or in emergencies, concern only adults, except for the specialized pediatric specialties, where they are reported.

Contracted hospitals

See here all the contracted hospitals of AXA in Greece and the network of hospitals Abroad that concern the holders of hospital program.