MyAXA Frequent Check-up discount is a service provided to Medisyn3 program holders, with which we encourage you to put prevention into your life by carrying out your annual health check-up and reward you with a premium discount on the annual renewal of the program.

How do I get the discount and who does it concern?


  • All insured members may participate in this action.
  • The discount is valid if you carry out your preventive health check every year up to 3 months before the renewal of your contract.
  • We provide you with free annual check-up if you have an out-patient AXA program. In case you do not have one, we have secured exclusively for you an annual check-up at a preferential price, at the Affidea Group's partner diagnostic centers.


When will I receive the discount on my premiums?


The discount is for the next annual renewal of your health plan and you will see it in the premium analysis of the renewal contract.


How do I make an appointment for my check-up?

If you have an out-of-hospital plan call AXA Customer Service (801 111 222 333 / 210 72 68 000).

If you do not have one, call the Affidea Group coordination centre at tel. 213 01 78 527.