With MyAXA Check-In we provide you with a cover certificate at least 1 day before your scheduled hospitalization in Greece, simply, easily and quickly!

The new service was designed so that you have a "direct boarding ticket" for your admission to a hospital, in case of your scheduled hospitalization.


What are the benefits of using the service?

The new service was designed to offer you less worries before your eventual scheduled hospitalization: 

- You know at least 1 working day before your scheduled admission to the hospital whether you are entitled to coverage or not.
- We inform the contracted hospital directly of your coverage.
- Once you have received the cover certificate, you simply inform the hospital's traffic office that you have already received a certificate of coverage from us.

All you need to do in case of your scheduled hospitalization is at least 3 working days before your scheduled hospitalization to fill out the form "MyAXA Check-In" which you can find here and together with the opinion of your attending doctor, you send them by email: Check-in@axa.gr or by fax: +30 210 94 28 650. If you need more information, you can call the Health Line (801 111 222 333 / 210 72 68 000).