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My AXA – digital information about your vehicle, household and business.

Watch the following video showing the steps you have to follow in order to register to My AXA service



What is My AXA

Μy AXA is AXA’s digital platform where you can find all the insurance documents for your vehicle, household and business.

With My AXA...

  • You have access, wherever you are, to all your digital documents. A click on the internet via your electronic devices suffices!


  • You can receive your insurance policy immediately by paying either via your insurance partner or using your debit/credit card on 


  • You receive all documents for your vehicle, house and business insurance with safety and certainty, without unnecessary printouts.


  • You enjoy modern and quality services from your insurance partner.


  • You contribute to our effort to become more environmental friendly.



How can I register in My AXA service?


  • Follow the registration process you may find here or

  • Contact your insurance partner  or 

  • Contact AXA’s Customers’ Service Department by calling 210 7268 000, 801 111 222 333


Register, now, in My AXA Service and participate in the lottery to win an iPhone 6s


Every month one of the participants in the lottery, wins an iPhone 6s.

See here the terms of the lottery. Inform here about the winner of the lottery.