“Exoikonomo - Autonomo” Program


By upgrading the energy performance of your house you contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions while also supporting sustainable environmental development and climate action.
AXA, rewards you for participating in the program “Exoikonomo - Autonomo” and offers you, free of charge, an increase on the insured amount on your home insurance program.
The offered increase, up to 15% of the insured amount, is calculated proportionally to the cost of the upgrading activities performed on your house.
It is provided free of charge and is valid from the date of completion of the upgrading activities until the end of the next renewal of your insurance policy.

In order to benefit from this offer, you should inform AXA upon completion of the energy upgrading activities, and AXA will proceed in embedding the increase on the insured amount to your insurance policy.

For more information, please contact your insurance intermediary or call us at +30 210 72 68 000.