I want to report a claim - Car

Call Accident Care / Damage Report Center on 801 111 222 333 (when calling from a landline) or 210 7268 000 (when calling from a landline or mobile phone) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a trained, authorized partner of AXA Insurance will be by your side (at the site of the accident, or your home / office or workshop) to record the incident, take pictures and fill in a statement of damages • Call the police when there is an accident. In particular, in case of accident the special Partner: • will record the circumstances of the accident and the way of priority of roads; • will take pictures of the vehicles involved and will describe them accurately; • will produce a rough diagram of the accident site; • will collect the personal details of any witnesses; • will give you the opportunity to fill in the “Statement of Accident” Form; • will help you to fill in the Friendly Settlement Form correctly • will call the Authorities

For Road and Travel Assistance call 801 111 222 333 (from a landline) or 210 7268 000 (from a landline or mobile phone), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is the System of Direct Payment of Claims in the event of a Road Accident for which the law prescribes that in the event of a road accident in Greece, the party that is not to blame or the party that is to blame by 50% has the right to request compensation from their company in the event of material damage (up to €6,500) or/and personal injury (up to €30,000 in total and up to €12,000 per person). It is a precondition that cars must be insured with insurance companies which participate in the Immediate Payment System.

You will receive compensation directly from AXA Insurance. The maximum amount of compensation for material damages to the vehicle amounts to € 100,000. To activate the compensation process: • The accident must have happened within the Greek territory • The vehicle must be characterized as “uninsured” in an official document (Excerpt from Traffic Police Incident Report) • The responsibility for the accident must fall exclusively on the driver of the uninsured vehicle.

AXA Insurance in collaboration with ΙΝΤΕRPARTNER ASSISTANCE: • In the event of accident or damage to your insured car in Greece, it will seek to repair your vehicle on-the-spot or tow it to the nearest garage of your choice. If the accident or damage occurs outside Greece (certain countries) and if the damage cannot be repaired on-the-spot: 1. Your vehicle will be carried to the nearest garage or if the damage cannot be repaired within three (3) working days 2. Your vehicle will be repatriated to Greece and the additional travellers’ return expenses will also be covered. • It offers you a range of travel benefits in Greece and abroad, such as: Baggage Loss, Health Transport, return / repatriation of patients, return / repatriation of co-travellers, etc. For Road and Travel Assistance, call 801 111 222 333 (from a landline) or 210 7268 000 (from a landline or mobile phone), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.