Environmental liability insurance


In accordance with the modern legal framework for environmental liability (Presidential Degree 148/2009), the company is obliged to bear immediately the costs of repairing environmental damage for which it is considered a possible culprit. This has an economic impact on the business but may also damage its reputation. For these reasons, it is necessary to protect the company through an environmental liability policy.

Who should take out this insurance program

Companies exposed to environmental risks should purchase this insurance program as it covers reinstating the damage to environment due to pollution from its operation. Moreover, it covers prevention expenses. To be more specific in this respect this insurance program aims to cover the following indicative clientele::

  • Hotels/rooms to let.
  • Wholesale and retail commercial companies.
  • Transportation and logistics companies.
  • Service providers (e.g., financial services companies).
  • Food companies.
  • Electric, electrical and telecommunication materials manufacturers and traders.


Ecosphere covers

  • Damages to the environment due to pollution caused by the insured.
  • Third-party damages due to pollution caused by the insured.
  • Own damage due to pollution.
  • Third-party bodily injury, material damage and financial damages due to pollution.
  • Insured's Legal services fees.
  • Emergency costs to prevent and/or mitigate a pollution damage, even before such damage occurs


Ecosphere is an innovative insurance product, designed by utilizing the know-how of AXA Group. Coverage of the companies' insurance needs is provided and based on clear and straightforward terms and the covers provided exceed the requirements of the relevant legislation..