Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is part of AXA's fundamentals


AXA's Strategy


Corporate Responsibility requires a long-term focusing, also taking into account the international aspect of certain local issues. AXA is an active member of international and national organisations whose aim is to promote Corporate Responsibility and sustainable development. ...


Responsibility at the work place


AXA is a responsible employer with the aim of pursuing the employee’s commitment. To achieve this target means creating a workplace based on the values of AXA which cultivate the difference of the other and equal opportunities for all, promote the employees’ participation, encourage professional development and support the employees’ welfare.   

The Company's commitments

In order to achieve the ambition of AXA to become the preferred Company in the industry, it is necessary to provide the personnel with incentives and pursue its commitment and its respect for the values of the Group – professionalism, innovation, pragmatism, team spirit and integrity. AXA, in its turn, is committed to promote the satisfaction of the employees by applying the following principles....

Promoting equal opportunities

The objective of ΑΧΑ is to create the mentality of the “other” and inclusion, i.e. the recognition and respect of personal diversities and the appreciation of a variety of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.

It also means the support of the abilities of each and every employee, regardless of the natural characteristics or whether the person belongs to a specific group in the society. This policy provides a viable approach to diversity so as to secure AXA’s management practices:


Personal commitmemt

A management model empowering people on the basis of personal monitoring and development.

The Human Resources policy is based on a management model that empowers people in compliance with the five basic values of AXA: professionalism, innovation, pragmatism, team spirit and integrity. In practice this means that the employees clearly understand what the basic priorities are and set their personal targets together during the annual evaluation of their performance. The employees of AXA have the opportunity to acquire new skills or develop the existing ones opening up a road for their personal development....

Customers & Shareholders


Responsibility in customer relations and our products

AXA promotes responsible customer relations through clear and transparent communication in the marketing of our products and by managing the claims responsibly. The Company offers savings and investment products and services that also encourage and reward environmentally responsible behaviours as well as help reduce social exclusion....


Responsibility in the governance model

AXA’s responsibility towards its shareholders includes ensuring the long-term viability of the company through transparent corporate governance and a culture of business ethics supported by AXA’s standards and code of ethics. Acknowledging the impact our business has on society at large, we strive to integrate social and environmental issues into our governance, risk management processes and investment strategy. ...

Suppliers & Environment


Responsibility insupplier selection and relations


As a financial services company, many of our impacts on society are linked not to our production processes, but to our choice of suppliers, from purchasing paper to contracting service providers for insurance claims. In making these choices, we integrate social and environmental criteria in the selection and management of our suppliers. ...


Responsibility for environmental footprint

AXA is committed to reducing its direct impact on the environment by actively managing its waste, carbon emissions and natural resources consumption. We are also aware of the role we can play in promoting environmental protection awareness amongst the stakeholders, contributing to the improvement of the understanding of global environmental risks, and committing to address climate change and other environmental protection efforts.



Ecomobility Campaign

ΑΧΑ participates in the “ECOMOBILITY” campaign for a third consequent year as Local Supporter in Athens and Thessaloniki held by ECOCITY for nine years.

It is a Program strongly cultivating the environmental development of the young through the motto: “Students Investigate; Cities get Informed; the Society is sensitized”, oriented towards the improvement of mobility conditions and the development of habits that favour Green Transports in the cities. ...





ΑΧΑ , in the framework of addressing environmental matters, energy and raw material saving and reduction in the waste volume, applies the following in cooperation with: ...



Since 2007, Greek volunteers offer their services and free time with a high feeling of social responsibility, to the following bodies: ...


Assistance and Solidarity Program, at Milea village, Municipality of Zaharo

ΑΧΑ Insurance started a program of assistance and solidarity at Milea village, of the Municipality of Zaharo, showing full respect and interest for the people afflicted by the disastrous fires of September 2007. More specifically:

Foods and clothes were delivered to the inhabitants collected with the contribution of the AXA Group


Furthermore, AXA financed the construction of a cultural center, a wish expressed by the inhabitants of the village. The cultural center was built at Milea village and accommodates various social events. The building cost was EUR 220,000.



AXA Research Fund

We achieve protection through research

The AXA Research Fund was created in 2008 to encourage scientific research that would contribute to understanding and preventing environmental, life and socio-economic risks....

Training for safe driving

Training for safe driving

ΑΧΑ Insurance created an on-line training tool for safe driving available to all its website visitors. The need for this step is explained by Mr. Henri de Castries, President and CEO of the AXA Group.


Traffic education program

ΑΧΑ Insurance and Panos Mylonas Road Safety Institute drew a safe driving and traffic educational program for High-School – Lyceum students at schools.

Trainers and students discuss about the basic causes and consequences of road accidents and find ways of preventing them. Aiming at interactive learning, a video is shown for the use of safety belt and helmet, distraction of attention, courtesy on the road and the painful consequences of road accidents.


Training for Diabetes prevention

ΑΧΑ, aiming at contributing to building a strong and safe society, puts training and risk prevention at the center of its activities. In this framework, it concluded a three-year agreement with the Diabetes Card, which is under the aegis of the Hellenic Diabetes Federation, and presented a training program for parents and children....

Road Safety Alliance “Roads to the Future”

AXA Greece is an active member of the Alliance “Roads to the Future” created by the Greek Road Safety Institute (RSI) “Panos Mylonas”. One of AXA’s and RSI’s main partners in the Alliance “Roads to the Future” is the Greek company Attiki Odos, which cooperates with RSI from 2009. The partnership focuses on the experiential training of young students on road safety through the program “In traffic with safety” that runs under the Auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education. Since 2009 55.000 students have been educated.