Our mission

As one of the largest global insurers, our purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters.

Protection has always been at the core of our business, helping individuals, businesses and societies to thrive. AXA has always been a leader, an innovator, an entrepreneurial company, fostering progress in all its dimensions, while been committed to acting as a force for collective good. 

Our mission stems from the core of the organization itself, which since its inception has been committed to serving the public good. AXA having full awareness of its responsibility as a reliable insurance company and a clear understanding of the environment in which it operates, consistently seeks to understand and recognize the risks with a single purpose: to support the needs and improve the quality of life of its policyholders .

AXA's Corporate Responsibility strategy is developed based on three pillars: Environment, Health and Social Inclusion.

Accelerating its commitment to fight Climate Change, AXA has made some pioneering moves since 2015, notably by starting to divest from coal and setting an ambitious green investments target, which prove our commitment to contribute actively to the creation of a safer society. We are proud to have taken these decisions and to have inspired other actors. Today, in the spirit of the Paris Agreement, we want to accelerate our commitment and confirm our leadership in the fight against global warming.

Respectively, at a local level and taking a responsible stance on the issue of Climate Change, we have entered into strategic alliances aimed at raising awareness and educating the public on the understanding regarding prevention of natural hazards that threaten Greece due to its geographical location.

Our recent collaboration with the Goulandris Museum of Natural History and the National Technical University of Athens led to the creation of the pioneering exhibition "Earthquake in the Museum" that allows visitors to get acquainted with this natural phenomenon through interactive applications and innovative high technology methods.

Additionally, from solidarity-based actions with AXA Hearts In Action, to work on prevention issues with the AXA Research Fund and the fight against climate change, AXA has always been attentive to its social environment and embraced its responsibility as an insurer: responsibility for taking action upstream in order to better understand risks, with one goal in mind: to ensure better protection and support the vulnerable parts of our society. 

At AXA, our goal is to empower people to live better lives.

Educating the society

Digital Exhibition "Earthquake in the Museum"

AXA, in collaboration with the Goulandris Museum of Natural History and the National Technical University of Athens, created a unique digital exhibition on the earthquake phenomenon.

Through the exhibition, which takes place for the first time in Greece, visitors have the opportunity to "explore" and understand the mechanics of the earthquake but also to be informed about how they can be protected from it. Familiarity with this natural phenomenon is particularly important, as our country is characterized by intense seismic activity.

Of particular interest is the interactive experience offered by "Seismic Bank" and the "Virtual Reality Chair" as well as the applications "Earthquake in the City" and "Be an Earthquake Expert", through which the public is informed about how it can be protected during an earthquake.

… and protecting the environment

Special event "Your gopa (cigarette butt) saved your gopa (boops boops fish)" 

Cigarette butts, along with items such as cutlery, plates, cups, straws and food containers account for 86% of the disposable plastics most commonly found on beaches. Specifically, cigarette butts are one of the largest sources of pollution in the Greek seas.

Using wordplay for humor (i.e. gopa in Greek means cigarette butt and also boops boops the fish) AXA organized the cleaning of Glystra beach in the Municipality of Saronikos in collaboration with the environmental organization iSea, conveying an essential message for the protection of the environment.

AXA volunteering teams cleaned 476 meters of coastal front and collected a total of 39 garbage bags, weighing 300 kilos.

Supporting Socially Vulnerable Groups

Acknowledging the sudden deterioration of the survival conditions for a significant number of our society’s members, AXA Hearts In Action -our volunteer team- in collaboration with the N.G.O.s "Boroume” (We can) and "Emphasis", offered support to families and homeless citizens who experience food insecurity.

… and creating timeless bonds

For the past twelve years, AXA has consistently supported the Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of people with intellectual disabilities, To Ergastiri-Lillian Voudouri (The Workshop).

This year, a team of of AXA volunteers -specialized executives- undertook the implementation of designing and promoting an Online Shop for the organization. Through this action, the foundation is now able to sell its products online all year round. The operation of the Online Shop is extremely important during this period of time, since, due to the assessment of health restrictions the established Bazaars of the organization could not take place.

360o protection

The unprecedented conditions caused by the global health crisis called for immediate action at all levels.

We have taken precautions to protect our employees’ health and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 affecting our organization by:

  • Establishing a teleworking model since 2018 and implementing business continuity exercises.
  • Communicating online systematically with our people to help them feel creative and safe.
  • Creating special webinars for mental and physical well-being.
  • Providing psychological support and offering to all employees the use of MyAXA Doctor service.
  • Offering teleworking instructions for Managers, as well as development programs via LinkedIn.

Supporting our customers

Under these special circumstances, which require safe and remote contacts, AXA with a sense of responsibility offered free access to MyAXA Doctor service for 100,000 of our customers. This way they can receive –via video calling or telephone- medical guidance, as well as information on issues of prevention and promotion of their health.

More information about the service can be found here.

... and their needs

AXA provides a 5% discount on all car insurance contracts, as a return on value resulting from reduced vehicle usage.

Additionally, AXA promotes the use of the specially designed reward program "Pay as you Drive" which offers a discount of up to 20% on car insurance premiums in case of limited annual car use.

Supporting the Tourism Sector

With arrivals drastically reduced because of the pandemic last year, and taking into consideration that Tourism Sector is one of the most important pillars of the Greek economy, AXA is committed to reward Sales Agents of the company by offering as an award trips to be made exclusively in Greece, for the next three years.

Supporting the National Healthcare System

AXA joined forces with the Greek Government in order to support the medical and nursing staff against the pandemic.

Recognizing the increased need for medical supplies, the company offered 20,000 special type masks and 15 High Flow oxygen delivery devices to the National Health System.

Supporting the International Healthcare System

We support the World Health System

As a member of an international group with a philanthropic attitude towards society, AXA Greece participated in the global effort to deal with the health crisis and by activating its volunteers – employees team. Each voluntary participation translates into a corresponding financial contribution and helps to meet the needs arising from the burden of the Intensive Care Units due to the pandemic.

AXA Greece participates in the financial support of 1,200 Intensive Care Units worldwide - 11 of which are located in our country.