AXA & Alpha Bonus Programme

Give Bonus to your insurance!

AXA the new Big Partner of Alpha Bank “Bonus” Purchase Reward Programme


AXA Insurance was integrated as a Big Partner in the innovative Alpha Bank “Bonus” Purchase Reward Programme. Leading companies in other sectors also participate in the Programme as big partners.

"Bonus" Programme

“Bonus” Programme gives points for all purchases made with Bonus credit cards and the possibility to redeem them in goods and services.

Selected companies from the entire commercial sector and more than 3,000 stores participate in the program as partners all over Greece.

Bonus offers in goods and services of the big partners and the other cooperating companies cover both the daily as well as the wider needs and desires of each consumer.

"Bonus" offers

Alpha Bonus Points

As a Bonus card member, you can pay, using your card, your insurance premiums online or via a standing order for your Bonus credit card and also at the points where there is a POS terminal of AXA. For each €1 of premium you will be rewarded with 4 Bonus points.


"Bonus" points redemption

You can redeem “bonus” points and decrease your premium, according to the following offer: 



Premium                           Bonus points to redeem

     400 €                                       200.000

     300 €                                        150.000

     200 €                                        100.000

     150 €                                          75.000

     100 €                                          50.000

      50 €                                           25.000

      25 €                                           12.500

      10 €                                             5.000



Redemption can take place here or by visiting one of the hereunder POS at AXA:

Athens (Ocean Building), 48 Michalakopoulou str., tel. 801 111 222 333

Nea Smyrni, 9 Efessou & Plastira str, tel. 210 9315500

Volos, 5 Iolkou  & Dimitriados str., tel. 24210 29536

Larisa, 22 Mandilara str, tel. 2410258340 & 2410536431

Drama, Ι. Dragoumi - Ath. Diakou str., tel. 25210 47701

Kavala, 56 Omonoias str, tel. 2510830453


For more information on Bonus programme visit the website


Furthermore, with the Bonusapp you can install in your smartphone, you will be informed about your points, offers and redemption possibilities.