We bring out your talent

he personal and professional development of our people and the difussion of knowledge within the organization is a strategic priority of Learning@AXA programs. In particular they aim to:

  • Strengthen leadership skills – Leadership Faculty.
  • Develop technical skills – Business Faculty.
  • Promote a single corporate culture – Culture Faculty.
  • ΑΧΑ University.

Therefore, we are working with leading international educational institutions.


Long-term (12 months - 5 years) or short-term (up to 12 months) mobility programs abroad (56 countries) with a view to:

  • Enhancing professional development. 
  • Strengthening international orientation.
  • Exchanging best practices.
  • Promoting a single culture.

We provide development opportunities to our people by posting internally all new positions arising internally.

We give the opportunity to those who wish to move to put in their application.

We create opportunities in cooperation with universities for young people who are beginning their careers. Through the structured practical training programs we offer, we give the opportunity to students and young graduates to begin their career in one of the most influential groups of the market.