Career opportunities

The Human Resources Team supports company growth daily through the development of its people. Its main priorities are to attract young talent to match with the culture, values and standards of the AXA Group, to design training and development systems which enhance leadership and technical skills of Human Resource, and, also, to establish a compensationl and benefits strategy and procedures in accordance with current and future needs.

Furthermore, the main strategic pillars of the Human Resources Team consists of promoting HR Branding, managing talent, engagement of its people, committing company members, promoting equal opportunities (diversity & inclusion), building a strong corporate culture and ensuring proper communication with all members of the organization.

The Human Resources Team daily supports the company through its appointed HR Business Partners.


Actuaries are involved in the assessment and management of risks undertaken by the company. They monitor the profitability of insurance products and specify the pricing and stock formation policy for all undertaken risks.

The team of actuaries helps the company to reach conclusions and to make strategic decisions through the statistical analysis of data, by analysing historical data and predicting future trends, by constructing mathematical models to predict the evolution of risks in accordance with the local and European legislation and the principles of AXA Group.

The team of actuaries works closely with the teams of Product Design, Finance, Marketing, Underwriting and Information Technology.

The Team of Claims plays a decisive role in promoting our strategic promise to our customers, to manage them with devotion, availability and reliability when a risk arises and they need our services.

The Team of Claims defines compensation amounts, informs both collaborators about the compensation that has been set, produces statistics on the claims indicator per insurance sector and claim analysis so that operational costs may be consistent with the pricing strategy of products, participates actively in making negotiations and agreements (Service Level Agreements - SLA's) concerning time deployment, quality, communication and the cost and the service, in cooperation with the Operational Excellence Team, participates in the improvement processes of insurance operations and promoting cooperation rules which have been set in collaboration with other teams. Finally, it cooperates with experts, researchers, lawyers and physicians in order to check and evaluate claims, and informs reinsurers when claims are announced and also during the progress made.

The Distribution Channels Team sets the company sales strategy and materializes it through all distribution networks: Bancassurance, Tied Agents, Non Tied Agents and Brokers.

The Distribution Channels Team includes a considerable number of administrative positions from directly supporting insurance partners (field coach) to supporting and monitoring strategic development plans of all networks (Distribution Channels Support Team).

The main responsibilities of this team are to develop a sales strategy in cooperation with the Marketing and Product Design Team, to create long-term relationships with our collaborators and all our customers, to create sales tools, to analyze customer needs and satisfy those needs through a consultative sale, to develop sales skills and techniques and to design, monitor and accomplish the goals of distribution channels.

The Communications Team develops and promotes the image and reputation of AXA Insurance and ensures the quality and effectiveness of the messages it delivers as well as their consistencey with the identity of AXA Group. The Communication Team carries out metrics and analyzes the relevance of the communication strategy, promotes the company strategy to the media in cooperation with the Marketing Team, organizes projects related to the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility in cooperation with the Human Resources Team and is responsible for promoting internal communication. It works closely with the Human Resources Team in order to promote AXA Group culture and strengthen internal pride. Finally, it actively participates in the organization of all company events (conferences, promotion of brand names, advertising campaigns, events of Corporate and Social Responsibility, etc.).

he Internal Audit Team has a comprehensive view of all business activities of the company, focuses on potential risks facing the organization, and submits proposals for improvement.

If you join this team, you will be able to have a complete picture of the total insurance business through regular contacts with company Executives and Senior Management. In this way, you will get to know the entire AXA Insurance and AXA Group network, and will develop technical skills in risk assessment, combating fraud and internal auditing.

The main responsibilities of this team is the assessment of risks, the design, planning and implementation of an audit plan in accordance with the regulations established by AXA Group, drafting audit reports to the Management of the Company and the audited areas, monitoring the implementation of recommendations and, finally, cooperating with external auditors and supervisory authorities.

The IT Team makes a decisive contribution to the success of the company by offering information technology solutions and services that meet the needs of internal and final customers.

From the strategic planning of information systems to the day-to-day support of employees and from designing new innovative applications to the readiness of the recovery plan in the event of disaster, the IT Team operates as business partner fully covering the needs in planning, implementing and delivering information technology systems and services.

To this end, it collaborates with all Company Directorates at all levels of management by harmonizing business strategy and the implementation of information technology through a system of information governance which regulates even the levels of service on the basis of agreements (SLAs).

In this way, the IT Team with its systems and services guarantees the implementation and daily operation of business processes, as well as of the insurance and investment products offering automation, speed, customer focus and profitable escalation of work volume.

Solution Centers and Competence Centers are valuable partners and providers of this group which belong to MedLA IT from the organizational point of view like the MedLAIT which include the teams of Operational Excellence and Program Management Office.

The Product Development Team creates new products, monitors and improves existing products in order to meet the needs of AXA Insurance customers and anticipates future needs.

Through a close cooperation with the teams responsible for Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, and Distribution Networks, the Product Development Team is responsible for the process of creating new products: designing benefits and processes, analyzing claims, preparing specifications, drafting contract terms and support material, making presentations and facilitating communication, monitoring products in order to ensure their sustainability and the company’s profitability as well.

The Finance Team is one of the most critical parts of the company since it supports its strategy through various financial activities which determine its vitality.

At AXA, the Finance Team consists of leading financial analysts whose work is behind every process which determines the company’s profitability and viability.  In this team you will be working across the entire range of the financial sector and will collaborate with all financial units of the Group.  Given the strategic role of the Finance Team, you will participate in strategic management issues which will help you prepare for tomorrow's challenges associated with leadership.

In a global financial environment, which is characterized by significant changes particularly as regards supervision issues, AXA demonstrates the strength of its business model.

The main responsibilities of this team is to define the strategy, design, analyse and monitor all financial issues and organize the main strategic dimensions from product design to making investment decisions.

The AXA Marketing Team provides important information about customer expectations and aspirations and includes them in the company strategy ensuring that these needs are taken into account at every stage of the value supply chain to the customer: from the design of products to the provision of services.

The main responsibilities of the Marketing Team include the design and promotion of strategic marketing plans through market research, customer segmentation and the promotion of insurance products and services to meet the specific requirements of each customer and each distribution network in cooperation with the Team of Actuaries, Product Design and Sales, the design of advertising campaigns and their promotion in the mass media, attracting, developing (cross & up selling) and retaining customers, as well as promoting AXA Group branding.

The Risk Management Team defines, evaluates, monitors and manages the financial, insurance and operational risks of the company and ensures corporate solvency.

The risk is an inherent part of the insurance business. In collaboration with many teams, Risk Management Team plays a strategic role in defining the level of the undertaken risk, which ensures long-term reliability and profitability of the company.

According to Standard & Poor's, the AXA Group Risk Management Team is one of the best worldwide.

Given the continuous development of actuarial science, the AXA Group has established a Risk Professional College in 2007, in collaboration with a team of international scholars and members of the Top Management. Through this College, in AXA Group, the Risk Management functions according to the latest global practices.

Finally, the main objective of the Risk Management Team is to promote a culture of risk management through customised programs and tools.

Underwriting is defined as the process of assessing and accepting insurance risk on the basis of the applicant’s health status (health Underwriting) and with the economic situation (financial Underwriting) and information provided in the insurance application. The result of processing the above data is the making of a decision which will define the terms and conditions under which an insurance cover is to be provided or not.
The main objective of the Underwriting Team is to evaluate insurance risk and immediately respond to customer needs as prescribed by the principles of customer centric policy espoused by AXA.

The main responsibility of this team is to ensure a wider approach in evaluating insurance risk so that the best solution may always be given that will safeguard the interests of the company’s insured persons through feedback received from our customers and partners, the rules that govern Underwriting, the terms of reinsurance contracts and insurance policies.

The AXA insurance Project Management Team is responsible for the transformation project of the company, which aims to change all company computerized systems and processes in order to facilitate better and faster customer service.

The main responsibilities of this team is to manage production results, to design and monitor projects, to manage and motivate project teams, to produce a Project Charter, to prepare Project Plans in collaboration with Team Managers and in agreement with the IT Program Manager, to manage project risks including the development of contingency management plans, and to prepare Highlight Reports, Lessons Learned Report, the necessary Follow-on Action Recommendations and the End Project Report..