Extra covers

Additional protection and insurance for the car and for the driver

Road assistance

With the Road Assistance, if your insured car has suffered a mechanical failure, including damage to the tires or no fuel, we care for the on-site repair or refueling, if possible, or its transportation to the nearest car-spot of your choice or filling station. 

The Road Assistance cover applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (24/7), in Greece, Europe and the other Mediterranean countries and is offered via Interpartner Assistance network.
For Road Assistance, call 801 111 222 333 (landline) or 210 7268 000 (landline or mobile)

Legal protection

With the Legal Protection, ΑΧΑ Insurance compensates the expenses for any incident in which the insured car is involved or for criminal or police provision violation.
The maximum compensation limit is EUR 3,000 and the cover is provided via the legal protection firm DAS.

Glass breakage

ΑΧΑ Insurance compensates damages to the glasses of your insured car up to EUR 2,000 caused by any reason even in case of theft attempt. It does not compensate, though, damages to head lamps and external mirrors.

For the glass breakage a 50 euro exemption applies for each case. If the glass is repaired at one of the selected Car-Repair Shops of AXA network, then the 50 euro exemption does not apply.

For more information about the Selected Car-Repair Shops, you can contact with AXA.