Special discount on motor premiums

Renew & Win

Motor premium discount

Renew your motor insurance policy at AXA & save money!


AXA offers you not only the insurance programs and security you need but also a variety of insurance discounts in order to manage to decrease the premium:


On the 1st renewal


  • 7,5% discount on annual premiums at 1st renewal of your motor policy. The discount reaches up to 12,5% if you had not an accident during the 1st insurance year in AXA.

On the 2nd renewal


  • 15%* total discount on annual premiums of your motor policy at 2nd renewal and onwards, provided that you will not have any accident during your insurance  in AXA.



Moreover, AXA, offers you extra discounts in case you own any of the following:

  • Home  insurance policy, you are eligible for 7,5% discount in motor and home insurance policy,

  • Health Medisyn policy a discount of 5% applies to your premiums in motor and health insurance policy.


Note: If you have motor, home and health (Medisyn) insurance policies, the maximum discount on motor premium is 7,5%.


For more, ask you insurance partner or AXA Customer Service (tel. 801 111 222 333, 210 7268 000).


*Total discount rate on the initial premium at start date of the insurance period.