New legislation for car insurance

Significant changes which effect every Insured

New legislation for car insurance


Law 4261/2014 (GG A 107/5.5.2014) introduced a new legislative framework which entered into force on May 5, 2014. Please read below the changes introduced by the new legislation.


The changes


  • The insurance coverage starts upon paying the due premiums to the Company; before that it is not activated.


  • The provisional insurance and thespecial insurance sticker are abolished. Your insurance policy will be from now on the document of proof of insurance for the police checking.This is why you should always have it with you in the car.


  • If you have paid the premium, but have not yet received your insurance policy, your insurance cover will be proven for the first five (5) days by showing the payment receipt. In this case, you should always have with you in thecar the Premium Payment Notification Letter with the Payment Receipt until you receive your insurance policy.    


  • The electronic communication(e-mail, sms, fax etc) between the Insurer and the Insured or the compensation beneficiary is recognized.


  • The insurance is not automatically renewed. Renewal of the insurance policy or conclusion of a new one is allowed only after the Insured pays the premium corresponding to the immediately next insurance period.  



Information for all our insured clients


We timely inform our clients so that their insurance coverage runs smoothly by sending:

  • A Premium Payment Notification Letter with all the details about the deadline and the payment method.


  • A letter of information about the newlegislation on carinsurance including the basic changes in the insurance procedure and insurance policy renewal  procedure.


  • A form with the changes in the insurance policy terms of AXA due to the new legislation.


Useful advice


  • Carefully read the form “Changes/ Modifications in the Car InsuranceTerms”, including the changes in the insurance terms from the new legislation on car insurance. The changes/ modifications supplement the booklet with the insurance terms you have received and constitute a single unit of the insurance terms of your policy.


  • Always check and be aware of the expiration date of your insurance and take care that it is timely renewed or a new insurance policy is concluded.



For any clarification or further information about your car insurance, contact the Customers’ Service Department at 801 111 222 333 (landline) or 210 7268 000 (landline or mobile phone) 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


Alternatively, you can fill in the electronic contact form with your personal information and your question and we will answer as soon as possible.