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Affordable car insurance with the reliability of AXA

The Classic car insurance plan with affordable premiums available by AXA Insurance offers security to you as a driver and the car, providing –apart from the covers stipulated in the law- additional but necessary covers so that you feel greater safety. 


Car insurance with additional protection against all risks

The Extra car insurance plan was designed by AXA Insurance to provide you additional effective covers, apart from the basic ones, for better protection against existing risks that threaten you as a driver and, of course, your car. 


The absolute car safety offered by AXA

ΑΧΑ Insurance offers the Premium car insurance plan to anyone wishing to have absolute safety at any driving moment but also wishing to have their car protected against any possible risk.

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Αστική ευθύνη - Σωματικές βλάβες ανά θύμα
Αστική ευθύνη - Υλικές ζημιές ανά ατύχημα
Φροντίδα ατυχήματος
Φροντίδα ατυχήματος με ρυμούλκηση
Υλικές ζημιές από ανασφάλιστο όχημα
Αστική ευθύνη από πυρκαγιά
Προσωπικό ατύχημα οδηγού
Νομική προστασία
Φυσικά φαινόμενα
Κλοπή (ολική / μερική)
Προστασία παλαιότητας ανταλλακτικών
Ίδιες ζημιές

Remote accident report

With the MyAXAway mobile app, you can record the incident and complete the accident declaration by video call, in case of an accident.