Accident report procedure

Steps after the accident

Step one

In case of accident, call 801 111 222 333 (landline at local charge) or 210 726 8000 (landline or mobile) 24 hours to send you a specialized associate who will:

Help you prepare the accident report.
Collect the necessary supporting documents.

Step two
The specialized and experienced personnel of AXA Claim Department will undertake to:

Open a claim file.
Get in touch with you.
Fast response by AXA

Our aim is the above procedure not to exceed three working days from the visit of our Associate. More time may be required for the registration of the report for areas outside Attica or Thessaloniki because the supporting documents are sent by mail.

Claim management and compensation
What you expect from us in case of claimis fast and fair settlement.
For this reason, our target is to have concluded the expert inspection within 10 working days and then to inform you if the claim is covered by your insurance policy within 7 working days.
In ΑΧΑ Insurance, 9 out of 10 customers say that they are satisfied with the Compensation services (Ipsos Opinion, Customers’ Satisfaction Survey, April 2015).

Car repair
Α. At a car-repair shop not contracted with AXA
For the better damage assessment, you will have to send us the necessary supporting documents (repair invoices etc) via fax at 210 7268821 or e-mail at: .
Β. At a car-repair shop contracted with ΑΧΑ
By using the Selected Car Repair Shop Network, you enjoy significant benefits. 

What happens if you are not responsible for the accident and you want to be compensated by your Insurance Company
ΑΧΑ submits a question of responsibility acceptance to the insurance company of the other party, provided it participates in the Amicable Settlement System.

If the answer is positive, AXA promptly proceeds to your compensation procedure; otherwise we get in touch with you in 12 working days as of receiving your report in order to contact the insurance company of the liable party to be compensated.
If the insured company of the other party does not participate in the Amicable Settlement System, our associate will inform you so that you contact the company for your compensation.

Your obligations arising from your insurance policy in case of claim

  • Call the competent authorities immediately.
  • Inform AXA within eight days from the moment of the accident and facilitate it in the investigation of the accident’s conditions and claim assessment. 
  • Take all the appropriate measures to avoid or mitigate the damage.