Accident report

In the event of an accident, call 801 111 222 333 (from a landline with a civil charge) or 210 726 8000 (mobile or landline) 24 hours a day.


A) Announcement via myAXAway mobile app

With the mobile application myAXAway you can communicate by video call in case of an accident to record the incident and complete the accident declaration.

How do I use the app?
• You call AXA and receive a link by sms to download the application to your mobile
• You receive a video call through the application from the AXA representative.
• You receive instructions to record the circumstances of the accident and the details of the drivers and vehicles involved.
• Through the mobile screen you see and accept the accident declaration.


What are the benefits of using the app?
The service reduces the waiting time at the scene of the accident, as you do not mind visiting a representative to record the circumstances of the accident and the details of the vehicles involved.


B) Announcement through Accident Care

We send you our specialized partner, who will help you with the car accident declaration and will receive the necessary documentation.

Then the experienced and specialized staff of the AXA Claims Department will proceed to the opening of your damage file and will contact you.

What obligations you have from your insurance policy in case of damage

Call the competent authorities immediately.
Notify AXA within eight days of the accident and make it easier to establish the circumstances of the accident and assess the damage.
Take all appropriate measures to prevent or limit damage.